Bonaparte is here to conquer the world with eye-catching films. We always fight for creativity. For the bold approach. We produce and develop films you can only create if you love what you do. We are our biggest critics but also our greatest fans. Bonaparte is about making a stand.

Here’s why we should meet.

Vive l'aventure!

Life is full of adventure! You often have to travel the world to find it, but sometimes you bump into it just around the corner. As filmmakers our attitude is to embrace new adventures wherever they may turn up!

Vive la diversite!

We believe that being open to new ideas, new cultures, new attitudes and new technologies, is the best way to improve the way we work and communicate. Diversity wins the game!

Vive l'excellence!

A high standard isn’t enough for us. Successful films are a perfect fusion of excellent craft in every layer. We work with the finest artists to create exceptional films.

Vive la creativite!

Freedom is about being bold. Revolutionary ideas makes films come to life. We always fight for creativity, because it is the true way to stand out and make a difference.

Vive le film!

For everyone at Bonaparte, creating incredible films is not just business. It’s in our hearts, and you can feel it in each of our projects. It’s a passion that is part of our lives — every minute; every second; every frame.